» The GEFFA-Project

The GEFFA-Project

Updating Mathematics and Geometry Education in Architecture and Engineering According to Current and Future Needs of Architects and Engineers

The increasing application of new digital technologies within all aspects of design and construction generates a strong need for appropriate mathematical and geometrical knowledge. This requirement can be met satisfactorily only by the joint action of the academic partners. Based on an in substance good classical geometry education in the South Eastern European countries GEFFA wants to develop new modules for progressive curricula. With a a Summer School in Rijeka (Croatia) in September 2012 we wanted to strengthen the network of teachers in the area with an initial spark. But we are striving towards long-term partnerships in research and teaching to tackle larger projects in the region. We want to support emerging centers of excellence.

The GEFFA-process

With a Kickoff Meeting in February 2012 in Belgrade (Serbia) started the GEFFA-process. This was mainly used to get informed about the individual activities in the participating universities. We then prepared a detailed planning of the Summer School in Rijeka. The Summer School offered exemplary intensive courses about advanced subjects to young scientists and selected students. The topics included the mathematical analysis and paneling of surfaces, the modeling of complex geometries and discrete structures, parametric designing tools, and the control of process chains from digital models to the production of prototypes.

Teaching Units for Advanced Geometry Education

The Summer School enabled the testing of teaching units, which further on shall be transformed in e-learning modules. The courses are taught by experts in their respective fields. The modules will be developed in English and then translated into the national languages of the project partners. Soon the results of the Summer School will be documented on this site.